Sunday, September 1, 2013

38 Weeks

How far along: 38 Weeks 
Baby is the size of: almost 7 lbs. 
Total weight gain: 21 lbs.
Name: Camberly Rose Hall
Gender: Definitely a girl!
Best moment this week: We finally finished Camberly's room! Pictures coming soon.
Food cravings: I love food and have to be careful to not eat too much at one time.  I have had a lot of cereal and otterpops this week.  It has been really nice to be home and eat my own cooking.
Anything making you queasy or sick: thinking about going into labor or about her delivery makes me want to throw up.  Otherwise I am just fine.
Sleep: still getting lots of sleep.  Most nights I have to wake up to go pee... and it is difficult to get comfortable sometimes but I am so thankful that I can still get some god zzzzs
Pregnancy symptoms: Everyone keeps telling me I don't look like I am about to have a baby... they think my bump is small.  Let me tell you it does not feel small.  My everything aches, especially my back and my ribs on the right side.  My hips and lower back hurt and feel loose.
Miss anything: I miss the simple things. being able to bend over to pick something off of the floor, laying on my back or stomach, ect.
Maternity clothes: All I wear.  I have even grown out of some of my maternity clothing.  I prefer to lounge around the house in my hubby's t-shirts and athletic shorts.  They are so comfy.
Belly button in or out: flat and slightly poking out on top
Stretch marks: yes... lots of them.  They are so worth it though.
Movement: still lots. Anthony and I believe she is trying to escape and we keep reminding her that she can't get out that way (referring to my ribs or wherever else she has just kicked).
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy although at the end of every day and sometimes more often I tell Anthony I am ready to be done.
Baby gear purchases: We have everything I could think of that we will need. Now we just need the baby.
Wedding rings on or off: on :) very hard to get off and on though.
Early labor signs: none that I am aware of.
Daddy moment: Anthony helped hang all the photos in the baby's room.  He thinks it would be funny if baby girl comes tomorrow because then I would be in labor on Labor Day.  I am all for it. 
Most recent doctor's appointment: everything looks good, she hasn't started checking my progress yet.
Looking forward to: meeting our little girl. We are so ready!

37 Weeks

How far along: 37 Weeks Week of August 23
Baby is the size of: 6.5ish lbs.
Total weight gain: 19 1/2 lbs.  I actually lost 1/2 a lb. in the last 2 weeks.
Name: Camberly 
Gender: Girl
Best moment this week: I finished work at Blackberry Farm for the season and got to come home to Turlock for good.  No more driving back and forth... I love being home!
Food cravings: nope. food is good though.
Anything making you queasy or sick: if I think about going into labor or the 2 hour car ride to the hospital I feel sick.
Sleep: still getting lots.  naps are good too.  although it is hard to sleep well when it is so hot.
Pregnancy symptoms: I am so sore. Sometimes the sore spot on my ribs burns like a heat rash.  Not fun. 
Miss anything: I miss having the energy to finish a simple project in one shot.  Now I have to take multiple breaks and then the tasks still sometimes don't get done.
Maternity clothes: all I wear. the stretchier the better.  skirts and maxi dresses are my friend.  It is so hot here in Turlock!
Belly button in or out: flat/out
Stretch marks: yes... I already had some on my hips and upper thighs... now I definitely have some around my belly button as well.  I knew I would get them, it was only a matter of time. 
Movement: she stills moves a lot but I can tell she is running out of room because her movements are harder kicks and jabs and less barrel rolls.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. Caleb's first letter home from the MTC made me cry both times I read it.
Baby gear purchases:  We have finished purchasing stuff for baby.  We even went to Costco so we could stock up on food for when she comes.  The milk expires after her due date and that is how you know you are close to being done.
Wedding rings on or off: on... I put it back on when we got home.  I was just missing it too much and I can still kinda get it off. 
Early labor signs: nope
Daddy moment: Anthony and I never have to be apart again.  At least not for a very long time.  He has been working hard at our apartment to finish up some projects before baby girl comes.
Most recent doctor's appointment: Everything looks good.  Dr. didn't even mention the slight weight loss.  She made sure to let me know baby is full term and can be born safely anytime now but that most first-time mom's don't delver until week 39 or 40.
Looking forward to: Being a momma.  I am ready to meet our little girl.

36 Weeks

Week of August 16
I have gained 20 pounds so far. Baby girl is taking up all the room in there and I am definitely ready to meet her.  We have the car seat installed and the hospital bags packed.  Now we just have to wait. 
Anthony went on a 5 day camp out for school this week and it was not fun having him gone and no way to get a hold of him. 

35 Weeks

Week of August 9
Caleb had his missionary farewell on Sunday and then Anthony and I said goodbye to him on Monday night.  I cried so much during his talk and then told my self it wasn't worth crying over when I hugged him goodbye.  Caleb had sort of felt Camberly move before that night but not really.  So it was really special when she put on a show for him.  He got to feel some of her very best barrel rolls and see them too. We will miss Bubba but I know Camberly already has a special bond/connection with her Uncle Caleb.  Even though they won't get to meet until she is almost 2. 

34 Weeks

Week of August 2
It is finally August and that means baby is due next month! Had my 2nd Baby Shower thrown by my mom and sister-in-law.  Baby girl, Anthony, and I are so spoiled. Sometime in July I finally realized what her hiccups felt like and now I notice them a lot.  I have loved being pregnant.  I especially love when I tell Anthony I love him and he says he loves me more... I don't argue because technically I count for 2 people right now and so he's right.  He also calls us his 2 favorite girls which I love. Anthony and I took our maternity pictures this week also and that was fun.

33 Weeks

How far along: 33 Weeks Week of July 26
Baby is the size of: a pineapple (19-22 in. 4.9 lbs)
Total weight gain: 
Name: Camberly Rose Hall
Gender: It's a girl!!!
Best moment this week: My niece and 2 nephews are visiting this week... and it was a perfect time to be reminded that all this hard work will be so worth it in the end when our sweet baby girl finally gets here.
Food cravings: Mostly I just want to eat all of my typical favorites even more... pizza, mashed potatoes and gravy, TONS of ice cream, ect.
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope
Sleep: Falling asleep has become increasingly difficult.  It is really hard to get comfortable and baby girl thinks that as soon as I lay down it is time to play.  Luckily, once I am asleep I typically can sleep through the night as long as I run to the bathroom in the morning to go pee.
Pregnancy symptoms: bladder that is way too small and gets sat on a ton, lack of energy, slight waddle when I walk, sore everything (ribs, hips, shoulders, feet, back).  There is one spot on my back that is so painful and there is really no good way to sooth the pain.
Miss anything:  I miss having energy, the ability to bend over and pick something up off the floor, and just being able to sit comfortably without my pain hurting
Maternity clothes: Pretty much the only thing I wear and some of my maternity tops are getting too small... I have to constantly check and make sure my tummy's not sticking out.
Belly button in or out: starting to pop out.
Stretch marks:  none that I can see (on my tummy that is)  
Movement: Tons!  I love to feel our little one move around.  She really likes my right side.  Last night she gave me one hard, unexpected kick in the ribs which resulting in me exclaiming, "Ouch!" in the middle of a conversation.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, unless I am tired, hungry, or my back hurts and then I complain openly. 
Baby gear purchases: We have been so blessed to have lots of friends and family give us handy-me downs and such.  We haven't purchased anything lately.
Wedding rings on or off: on. I keep checking to make sure I can get it off.
Early labor signs: none
Daddy moment: Anthony is so good to me and baby.  It has been so fun watching him play around with the nephews and niece this week! It just reaffirms how awesome he will be at it with our own kiddos.  I cannot wait for this man to be a daddy!  
Most recent doctor's appointment: very quick and to the point.  Baby girl has a strong heart beat and is growing at the perfect rate.  I asked my doctor about my back pain and she basically told me it was just something I had to deal with... she is also concerned about me and the sun because I have gotten very tan this summer working at the pool.
Looking forward to: My second baby shower is on Friday!  Can't wait to see all of those gorgeous women!

32 Weeks

How far along:  32 Weeks Week of July 19
Baby is the size of: 4 lbs.
Total weight gain: 17.5 lbs.
Name: little miss Camberly
Gender: sweet baby girl
Best moment this week: Getting advice from lots of ladies and my Dad encouraging me and reassuring me that I can do this!
Food cravings: I eat tons of cereal. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope... although occasionally I will be eating something that is so yummy one second and then the next it is disgusting and I can't finish it.
Sleep: Woke up with the worst charlie horse of my life at 3 a.m. the other night.  It was so bad I had to wake up Anthony and have him help me rub it out.  My calf muscle is still stiff and so sore because of it.
Pregnancy symptoms: muscle cramps are not fun!  My back is killing me!
Miss anything: The easy pregnancy that I have had up until now.  This week has been really rough.
Maternity clothes:  All I wear nowadays.
Belly button in or out: flat, pokes out on the top
Stretch marks: not really
Movement: Lots!  I finally realized what her hiccups feel like.  They are so cute!
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Moody. I had a melt down this week.  There is a spot in my back that hurts like the dickens and that on top of all the other things that make me uncomfortable just became too much to handle.  Thankfully a nice long bath, good nights sleep, and loving words from family and friends helped emensley .
Baby gear purchases:  none recently.  We are waiting until after the baby shower to buy anything else.
Wedding rings on or off: on :)
Early labor signs: nope
Daddy moment: Anthony painted my toes for me!  Yes I am so spoiled... and I am loving every minute of it!
Most recent doctor's appointment:  everything is looking good. Gaining a pound a week now.
Looking forward to: my Sister-in-law, her husband and their 3 small children are coming next week.  I am excited to get my mind off work and pregnancy. 

31 Weeks

Week of July 12
2 months until we get to meet baby girl!  The crib is finally done.  We were waiting to buy sheets for quite some time. 

30 Weeks

Week of July 5
3/4 of the way done!

29 Weeks

Week of June 28
Happy 4th of July!  We had a nasty heat wave this week and work was torture.  I worked 5 full days in a row... not fun. Had to have Anthony make me one of his magical ice cold wraps for my swollen ankles. Baby girl really likes to kick and play by the ribs on my right side and they are sore.  

28 Weeks

Week of June 21
Went to a friend's baby shower and managed to give her a super cute outfit without also buying one for Camberly.

27 Weeks

Week of June 14
We made it to the 3rd trimester!!! My brother Jeremy got married this week. Happy 1st Father's Day Anthony!!!

26 Weeks

Week of June 7
I did the oh-so-fun glucose test this week.  My sister Natalia came to visit.  She got to feel Camberly kick and she and Miranda threw me a baby shower along with my 2 good friends.  We had lots of fun and we were given lots of really cute clothes. 

25 Weeks

Week of May 31
I enjoy going to Zumba and baby girl sleeps right through it. Working at BBF is going great.  I love to sew things for baby girl.  We have also been given lots of her things. I love feeling her move around and my favorite is just watching her move.  I could just lay down and stare at my belly for hours.  Anthony seems to be able to calm her down when he puts his hand on my belly which is helpful when she kicks my ribs. If I rest my arm on my belly and it gets too heavy she will kick it off. 

24 Weeks

Week of May 24
Happy Memorial Day! Went to Caleb's graduation.

23 Weeks

Week of May 17
Anthony got to feel his baby girl kick for the first time on Friday the 18th.  It was around dinner time and we were sitting on his parent's couch watching TV.  I would have him put his hand on my belly and would ask him if he would feel her kick and she finally kicked hard enough he could feel it!  I also finally gave in and bought some cute outfits for our sweet little girl.

22 Weeks

Week of May 10
Happy 1st Mother's Day to me! Caleb got his mission call to serve in Des Moines Iowa.  It was bittersweet to hear that he would be leaving a month before Camberly's due date.

21 Weeks

Week of May 3
I continued to enjoy baby girl kicking around and sewing cute things for the nursery.  

20 weeks

Week of April 26
We made it half way! Baby girl decides 1:00 am is a good time for karate practice. Started working at Blackberry Farm for the summer. 

19 Weeks

Week of April 19
Baby girl kicks and wiggles daily. I sewed her first dress. 

18 Weeks

Week of April 12
IT'S A GIRL!!!!  We had an ultrasound on that Monday and found out we were going to have a girl!  I really wanted a girl and everyone told us they knew she would be a girl. Grandma Hall always knows best and she knew it would be a girl.  Once we found out she was a girl we just knew we would name her Camberly Rose Hall.  I also met with my boss and coworker at Blackberry Farm to go over how the season would work with me being pregers and all. I registered for her baby shower online to try and  keep my obsession with baby girl clothing under control.

17 Weeks

Week of April 5th
Honestly don't have anything for this week.  It was General Conference Weekend.

16 Weeks

Week of March 29
We moved into our apartment!  We had spent the last month painting it and putting in new floors.  It was so nice to finally be in our new home.  We celebrated Easter.  Then it was April Fool's Day. We lost a dear friend/Uncle, Gary Norman, he had helped us move just a few days before so that was really hard.  I cried a lot at his funeral.  We miss him. 

15 Weeks

Week of March 22
This was the week before the move and I was very stressed out.  I really needed the next week off work.  I got to see Caleb perform in Bye Bye Birdie at his high school.  

14 Weeks

I have been a very bad blogger.  This is me trying to catch the next several bump updates are seriously late and will just include a picture and the highlight from that week. 

Week of March 15th
Saint Patrick's Day was this week.  Finally made it past my first trimester!
The week before I got to go to an ultrasound by myself and get lots of pictures of baby.  We still didn't know if we were going to have a boy or a girl but I had a dream it was a boy.  I cried at the ultrasound. It was very humbling to realize you are taking part in Heavenly Father's miracle.  We were busily preparing to move into our new apartment.  I got to feel the baby move for the first time on Thursday the 21st.  It was around 3:00 and I had just eaten some frozen cookie dough.  My stomach felt very weird so I put my hand on my stomach and realized that was right where the baby was.  I thought it might be the baby moving but wanted to make sure I wasn't just feeling my pulse.  That's usually what happened in the past weeks.  Not this time it was definitely her.  I called my mom and Tony was very excited.  Then Anthony called and I told him.  It was awesome! I understand now why they call that first movement a mother feels a quickening.